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Industry Pioneers
Established in 1985 to answer rapidly growing demands for environmentally sound waste management services in Jordan, Zawati Brothers Company WLL planted firm roots in its market and quickly grew to become the leading city cleaning and waste management specialist in the Kingdom. Our intimate understanding of our industry, our expansive expertise in our field, and our flawless service track record won us the first ever city cleaning and waste collection tender in Jordan for the southern city of Aqaba in 1985. Since then, Zawati Brothers Company has been consistently awarded major contracts across the Kingdom. As a result we are positioned at the forefront of our industry with a 70% market share covering all private solid waste collection contracts in Jordan along with other contracts with the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

A Solid Foundation
Our success is partially built on the considerable regional experience of our sister company Al-Soulah Trading and Contracting Company WLL, which was established in Kuwait in 1972. Leveraging the business acumen of Al-Soulah, Zawati Brothers Company consistently introduces and utilizes the latest technologies in its operations and employs the most qualified industry professionals to guarantee the delivery of unsurpassed services to our clients. Backed by our solid foundation, we aim to further expand our operations and develop our services in city cleaning and waste management to cover all the needs of both the public and private sectors in Jordan by using the latest, cost effective, proven methods and techniques.

Superior Services
Our flexible operational structure enables us to provide premium services at optimal prices to all market levels, whilst maintaining our unwavering adherence to quality. Our ability to adapt to changing market trend is a result of our intuitive niche strategies and unconventional approach to business. Our range of services includes:

  • City cleaning
  • Refuse collection
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Feasibility studies and solutions to environmental issues
  • Consultancy on equipment used for Solid Waste Management
  • Maintenance of used equipment and machinery
Successful Approach
Our distinguished approach is based on implementing a work plan that is based on the actual needs of an area whilst also taking into consideration the possible increases that might occur in waste as a result of population increase and building or housing expansion plans. We have also made a clear distinction between the equipment used for industrial waste and the equipment that is used for household waste. At the same time, we continuously focus on keeping an open dialogue with all our partners to capture any obstacles or challenges that might arise. These considerations help ensure that all waste streams are handled responsibly and in the most effective manner.

Technical Capabilities
The Zawati Brothers Company owns a fleet of eight MB chassis with American Heil super structure compactors. The compactors’ volumes are 20-25 cubic meters with two types of lifting devices (6,000lbs winch and 1,100L bins). The fleet also includes two MB chassis with a German-made Rotopress superstructure, a volume of 15.6 cubic meters, and a 1,100L bins lifter. In addition, our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems, enabling us to track our trucks by the minute, as well as customized software to monitor our daily programs, fuel consumption, spare parts flow, maintenance, and customer care. The company’s headquarters and maintenance and manufacturing facilities are built over 10,000 square meters and strategically located on the Amman – Zarqa highway.

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