Executive Management
The extensive expertise and sound capabilities of our management team and employees are integral pillars upon which the company builds its success. Our people’s invaluable insights enable us to provide unparalleled waste management services to the Jordanian market.
Eng. Nizar Zawati
Partner and General Manager
Boasting over 27 years of experience in the waste management business, Nizar Zawati began his career in 1984 as Maintenance Engineer and Site Engineer in the Jordanian Armed Forces. Upon completing his service, Nizar moved to Kuwait to hold a senior post in a renowned trading and contracting company.

As the executive lead during the company’s expansion, Nizar was responsible for starting up the sister company, Zawati Brothers Company WLL, and securing the first ever city cleaning and waste management contract in Jordan. Under his leadership, the Zawati Brothers Company was soon positioned at the forefront of the waste management industry with a 70% market share covering all private solid waste collection contracts in Jordan

Nizar obtained his degree as an Operations Engineer from the University of Central Florida. He is a Certified Cost Analysis Expert with extensive expertise in regulations, customs and environmental issues related to solid waste management within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Nizar is also a member of the Jordan Engineers Association.
Mr. Adnan Zawati
Partner and Deputy General Manager
Dedicating over 39 years of experience in the trading and contracting business with a primary focus on waste management, Adnan began his career in project management for a prominent Kuwaiti company. In 1972, Adnan ventured on to start his own business, Al-Soulah Trading and Contracting Co.

As Partner and CEO, Adnan spearheaded the company to operate in several industries. Under his leadership, the company grew to a total of 1400 employees with over 11 different nationalities. Nonetheless, and despite its success, the company’s operations halted after the second Gulf War.

In his current position as Partner and Deputy Managing Director of the Zawati Brothers Company, Adnan shares his valuable insight in managing and operating large scale and high profile projects in the Middle East.

In recognition of his leadership capabilities and vision, Adnan was elected as Vice President of the Support Services Companies Owners Association (SSCOA).
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